Save Time & Increase Your Profit With Our Premium Contractor Program

We help you avoid headaches and delays by directly dealing with your customers and treating them like our own. We’ll act as an extension of your team and we’ll even store your cabinets and deliver them on-site when you’re ready for them.

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Trusting Cabinet Dealers Can Be Scary

We understand, you’ve had bad experiences in the past with other cabinet dealers.

Your Clients Got Poached
Your Clients Got Poached

Your clients trust you to work with the right partners. If your customers get cheated they stop trusting and referring you.

You Lost Money
You Lost Money

Perhaps a vendor ran away with your money or they damaged something on an installation and never bothered to fix it.

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Cabinets Were Delivered Late

We understand it’s hard to be hands-off from a project as you’re afraid that corners will get cut and timelines won’t be met.

Why Partner With Luxcraft With Our Premium Contractor Program

Fair Prices

You won’t have to invest any money for the kitchen cabinets. We will handle the design process and deliver the cabinets on-site when you need them.

White Glove Service

Since we’ll be handling the whole cabinet process, you and your team can cater to another area of the project.

Trusted Partner

We know how it feels to be left out of the loop. If something goes off track at any point, trust that we will communicate the information to you and handle it accordingly.

How to Take Advantage for Our Contractor Partner Program

1. Sign Up For Our Premium Contractor Program

Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom where you can browse our modern selection of cabinets as well as put a face to the name.

2. Get Assigned To A Team Member

We’ll pair you with a member of our team whom will be your main point of contact. This is who you’ll send your customer and project information to

3. Save Time While Earning Money

We’ll keep you posted on each project and send over your referral fee in a timely manner.

Already Know What You Need...

Prices are fair and honest and there’s never an obligation to buy.

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