It All Starts here

This is where our work really shines. We use the latest 3D technology and state of the art equipment to help you create and visualize what your dream kitchen will look like even before any screw is removed from you home. We take as much time and meet as often as necessary during this phase in order to create a design that not only fits who you are but helps you feel excited to get the project underway. 

After receiving the initial measurements, your designer will start with a rough design that he/she feels best fits the layout of the room. Then you and your designer will schedule a first review appointment where you go over the design in detail and make as many changes as necessary until the kitchen not only looks great but is organized around the way you use it. You should always come with an open mind and remember that your designer is there to help YOU design your kitchen, not tell you what you should or should not like. He will use his wealth of knowledge and experience to help you create the new centerpiece of your home.

Always be confident that your design is reviewed by an installation expert before any orders are placed. The reviewer goes over the design of the kitchen in detail and catches and eliminates any issues that may arise during the installation process, ensuring that the whole project is completed on time and on budget.