This is what really separates us from most of our competition. We actually employ our own cabinet installers. Yes, you did read that. We hire, train and retain our own installers and use them for all of our projects. No second hand, no middleman and no strangers walking through your home. Our installers take pride in their work and are always instructed to fix or report any issue that may arise during installation. 

Cabinet installation is a costly overhead for most retailers and this part of the project is often outsourced to the lowest bidding subcontractor.  The lowest bid will often bring the least quality of workmanship. We have seen the best quality custom cabinets butchered at the hands of careless and inexperienced subcontractors. These subcontractors are often paid by the piece and it is in their own interest to complete the job as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of quality and effort. We refuse to follow our competitors lead on this because we feel that, just like the quality of the design and the build of each individual cabinet or accessory, the installation is a critical component of the overall quality of the whole kitchen.

A kitchen can be seen to have three critical components: the quality of the cabinet construction, the quality of the design and the quality of the installation. Customers often mistakenly focus on the first component during the buying process and regrettably realize the importance of the latter two only when it is too late.

You should, however, also be assured that our installation prices are aggressively competitive and often lower that what most other retailers charge. We are fully licensed and insured and have processes in place that focus on efficiency and effectiveness which help us keep the highest quality standards at the lowest prices possible.